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Ray Suhy: Guitar

Alex Silvergold: Drums

Rolando Alvarado: Bass


Composer and bandleader Ray Suhy has assembled a powerhouse jazz rock fusion trio consisting of Suhy on guitar, Alex Silvergold on drums, and Rolando Alvarado on bass.  The trio found its origins in the hallways of Lakehouse Recording Studios in Asbury Park, NJ, where each of the musicians has connections.  A chance conversation regarding their mutual love of jazz fusion spawned the idea to make a record influenced by the likes of Mike Stern, Eric Johnson, Shawn Lane, and John Coltrane.  The power trio combines Suhy’s virtuoso guitar skills with Silvergold’s high-energy technical drumming style and Rolando Alvarado’s elegant, chameleon-like approach to the bass.  The result of their collaboration is Tessellations, a record that encompasses the many different styles that Suhy loves to play and listen to.


The trio is looking forward to performing tunes from their debut album, Tessellations, in a live setting as well as recording more new music soon.  Ray says that "the group has a good chemistry going and I can't wait to follow some more musical paths with them."



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